BUGGY-GYM is a GREAT FUN WORKOUT for new mothers!

It’s an opportunity to GET FITNESS BACK, a great way to shape and tone your body back and spend special time with your litttle treasure.

The class is suited for all fitness levels after 6 weeks of a natural birth and 10-12 weeks after a C-section.

Cardiovascular exercices, strengh training exercices and stretching increases overall fitness.


This class is a fun enjoyable way to meet other mothers and get in shape ! Your body has gone through some major changes during pregnancy and you may not feel like you are back to your old self yet. Don’t let that stop you ! Come with us !


First training FREE


For more information about BUGGY-GYM, please feel free to contact me : nathalie.schaefer@hispeed.ch or 076 576 90 86.

I advise that you ring before planning a visit to check all these details are up to date.


Frequently asked questions

When and where ?


On request.


Try to arrive at least 5 minutes before each class. To participate in BUGGY-GYM classes, moms must be at least 6 weeks postpartum or 10-12 weeks for a cesarean-section and have received the OKAY from the doctor to start exercising again.


What if there is bad weather?

Unfriendly weather, I will contact you!


What if my baby is unwell or gets restless?

Baby first!


What can I expect in the class?

You will burn tons of calories, tone your muscles. Improve flexibility, strengh and balance, all while chatting with others mums and spending special bonding time with your little treasure!


What do I need?

A good pairs of trainers, comfortable sports clothing, sports bra, bottle of water and towel.


Für Alle !

Neue Trainings ! Machen Sie mit und seien Sie fit!

Bei Fragen oder für weitere Informationen, können Sie unter nathalie.schaefer@hispeed.ch mich kontaktieren.